We only use adhesive that is manufactured in the United States & formaldehyde/latex free.


       Full Set ........................ $225

                       Fills ............................. $50-$150

   ​ ( more than 4 weeks or less than 20 lashes per eye will be full set cost ) 

(fills should be scheduled every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full look)

**please come with make-up free lashes or there will be a $20 cleaning charge**

  Lash Removal .............................. $35

 (for lashes done at other establishments. removal of my lashes are free of charge)      

**your satisfaction is our number one objective. If you are not happy with the look of your lashes, please say so at time of service. we will do everything possible to make sure you are completely satisfied before you walk out the door.

Once you leave the salon... No Refunds On Lash Services!!!**

Prepare for your procedure

Do not curl your lashes * Do not wear mascara or make-up * Wash your lashes with mild water base cleanser. 


 After Care Instructions

do not get lashes wet for 24 after application

do not rub your eyes

do not use a lash curler

avoid all oil based eye products

avoid water, sweat, steam or sauna for at least 24 hours

if you wish to apply mascara, use water base only (NO waterproof mascara) and apply ONLY TO TIPS of the lashes


Treat your lashes gently and they will last several weeks. Lashes generally have a couple months life cycle as you lose 1-5 per day. touch-ups every

2-3 weeks are needed to maintain the lush look of your lashes. When removing make-up use a lint free cotton pad and gently rub make-up from eye area followed by a tepid water rinse. 

Daily cleaning of your lashes is important!!  

after removing all eye make-up, gently splash tepid water on your eyes. use tip of finger or a disposable sponge applicator and gently rub the lash line with mild water base cleanser to remove flaky skin, dust and particles. gently rinse and pat dry around the lash line. fluff lashes with disposable mascara wand and let lashes air dry.