licensed esthetician / certified lashtician



Eyelash extensions are to eyelashes what hair extensions are to hair... magnificent modern magic! With the wonders of synthetic fiber, silk or mink lashes, each one of your eyelashes can have an extension lash glued onto it. The result is fuller, and much longer, eyelashes. When your lashes are extended, the effects can be dramatic and beautiful. Lash extensions are comfortable, weightless and virtually undetectable


Because the extensions are attached to your actual eyelash, they're obviously not permanent. Eyelashes fall out and re-grow every 60/90 days. For most women the lashes will last around two to three weeks, and then you'll need regular touch-ups to maintain that lush look. The procedure usually takes anywhere from one-two hours depending on how many lashes are applied. Having a trained certified lashtician can make a world of difference in the results.


Perfect for everyday or special occasions. Sexy, beautiful, fun lashes at any age!